How to Get More Followers on Tiktok in 2020


Tiktok has grown rapidly in the last 2 years. You will be surprised to know that Tiktok is one of the most downloaded application of 2019. And millions of users activities on this platform.

If you want to become a popular Tiktoker. Definitely you need to more followers and fans with good video engagement on your Tiktok account. for this, your video should be shown in front of more people.

Many brands and celebrities like NBA, Bollywood, Hollywood actors, and YouTubers also start using Tiktok as a new platform to promote their content. So what are the best strategy to get more followers and likes from Tiktok in 2020?

If you have more followers on your account. you got chances to Earn money from Tiktok.


Quick points:

  • Set attractive your profile
  • Make unique and original video
  • Use trending Hashtag for your video
  • Make video on trending video
  • Use follow and Unfollow method
  • Share on social media
  • Post on regular basis
  • Interact with your followers


Set attractive your Profile:


“first impression is the last impression “


Here the very first way to get more followers is to make your profile attractive and beautiful. You are not going to attract lots of Tiktok users if you don’t have an attractive profile.

You make your profile something different from others. create username something unique and attractive. Upload your best photo on the profile. Write something in short about you.

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Make unique and original video:

This is the biggest problem nowadays of most of user they are creating copy other user content and video lip-sync. Yes, its work you get couples of likes, but it’s not going to get more followers in very short time. That’s for certain. So I suggest you make an original video and something different from others.

Users are bored to see the same concept and same lip-sync video content. So try to make unique video and increase your organic reach.

Original video is played the biggest role to get more followers, fun, and likes on your profile.


Use trending Hashtag for your video:

One hashtag make you a viral icon. You are shocked when you know, how to one hashtag make your video viral. Before posting any video add trending and hot Hashtag.

Go “discover” page in your Tiktok app and find trending and hot hashtags.

Hashtags are helped to get your video in front of more eyes.


Make video on trending topics:

Create video on a trending topic or latest song which is trend on Tiktok, but make video own style. Going along with trending hashtags, this is the best way you can gain followers on Tiktok by doing this hashtag challenges.

These are a great opportunity to create a unique video with more likes. On Tiktok there are huge audiences that mean you have a great opportunity to reach your video in the front more eyes.


Use follow/Unfollow Method:

Follow/unfollow is the most popular strategy which works very effectively. This method is very simple anyone can do it. In this generally, You follow the tons of account with the intention of getting followed in return.

Now, find influencers in your niche and follow those who follow them. Then their followers also follow back your account when they are finding similar things as influencers they also like your video and share your video.

Follow daily 200 accounts and the next day unfollow those accounts and again follow 200 accounts, in these 200 accounts 70% of people follow you back. That means you get 140 followers on a daily basis.

This is the best way to get more followers on Tiktok.


Share on social media:

Share your Tiktok video on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp group. Here many chances go to viral your video on other social media platforms also, I will suggest you share your video in the Facebook group as well.


Post on a regular basis:

Post content on a regular basis helps you to increase your likes and followers on video.

Experts say on this platform that the best time to post your video is 5 PM to 9 PM., in this time more people are free to his daily works (Job, Study, etc), and that time they are spending time on social media.

Upload your video at least once in a day on this platform, set daily routine to post the video on a particular time in a day that is really help to increase your followers and likes.


Interact with your Followers:

Start interacting with your followers no comment section when anyone comments on your videos. So do reply to that comment this is the way is creating a bond to you and your followers. This is a way to show you really care about your followers.


Don’t buy Fake followers

Don’t get so excited When you search on google “how to increase followers on Tiktok” and many Tiktok hacks come out. It’s all likes and follower’s generator some time it works but after some time your Tiktok account automatically goes suspended by Tiktok administration. They are not allowed to get fake followers so don’t use this kind of like and follower’s generator tools.


Final word about getting more followers and fans on Tiktok :

getting millions of followers, it not just happened overnight. It takes time and lots of work, lots of quality content and some time luck also. It happened when you posting quality content on a regular basis. You will start getting genuine followers.


Do you have any suggestions on How to get more followers on Tiktok? If yes. Please leave us a comment below.

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